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Rich Kids

Rich Kids

Design Submissions

100 original designs were submitted for the chance to create the official movie poster for this independent film.

Digital Impressions

Social media was the primary tool used to get the word out about the film and the poster design contest.

Designer Prizes & Extras

The Grand Prize winner received a cash prize, but also great exposure as the film (along with its poster) has been on display at multiple film festivals across the United States.

High-Quality Design For An Independent Filmmaker

The producer of the independent film Rich Kids, Laura Somers, reached out to Creative Allies to get assistance in creating their official film poster. Laura has a passion for telling stories that are entertaining but also deal with social issues. As they wrapped up filming and started marketing the project, they knew a well-designed, eye-catching poster is just what they needed to represent the film well. Independent filmmakers are responsible for all of their own marketing for their projects, and for Rich Kids, a crowdsourced design campaign proved to be just what was needed to create a spectacular poster for this film.

Rich Kids is based on a true story of a group of young friends from an economically challenged background who deal with disparities and ultimately tragedy.  The film boasts a young, talented majority Latino cast and is gaining recognition across the country.



Film Festivals All Over The Country

The film has been screened at over 15 film festivals around the United States. At each of these festivals, the cast and crew highlight and display the film’s official poster, designed by a Creative Allies community artist.


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