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Blue Blood Rivalry

Blue Blood Rivalry

Design Submissions

This contest was shorter than typical, but still produced a good number of high-quality designs for the brand.

Social Media Impressions

The uniqueness of the brand and the excitement of designing a logo for the first Blue Blood Rivalry 5k fun run.

Designer Prizes & Extras

In addition to cash, the winners received Blue Blood Rivalry merchandise and a copy of the movie on DVD.

Bringing Creativity To The Tap

Craft Beer upstart Blue Blood Rivalry tapped Creative Allies to create a newsworthy marketing campaign to increase engagement of alumni and fans of Duke University and Chapel Hill University from all over the world. With thousands of fans and followers worldwide, there was no doubt this campaign would be as exhilarating as a Duke-UNC hardwood classic. Authentically connecting with both sides of the bench was no easy feat, but luckily for the Creative Allies community is known to hit a buzzer beater or two.

This short-term contest had the initial goal of finding a logo design for the first of many Blue Blood Rivalry 5k runs. The contest itself resulted in almost 100,000 digital impressions for the new brand and engaging over 78,000 fans. The results of the contest also included a long-term marketing relationship between Creative Allies and Blue Blood Rivalry. We worked with the brand’s founder, Hassan Pinto, to create a strategy around a new array of products in the form of apparel and merchandise.



Logo Design And More

Since the initial contest in 2017, Creative Allies has worked with Blue Blood Rivalry on social media management, email marketing, online store management, and a few other marketing activities to engage fans, encourage run participation and build overall awareness for the brand.

Blue Blood Rivalry can look forward to expanding product lines with existing designs from the contest when needed, and in partnership with Creative Allies has explored exciting new ways to engage with fans on a local level with designs, and of course lots and lots of beer.

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