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Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth

Design Submissions

Submissions were received from nine different countries around the world, effectively representing the band’s global fan base.

Digital Impressions

Creative Allies leveraged its social media, email marketing and video production talent to generate awareness and buzz about this contest, reaching over a quarter of a million fans worldwide.

Designer Prizes & Extras

In addition to the cash prize, the Grand Prize Winner received a special prize pack of merchandise picked out from the band members.

Engaging A Global Fan Base

Creative Allies partnered with Amon Amarth to develop and execute an authentic fan engagement campaign for the Swedish melodic death metal band’s featured single “First Kill”. We handed the challenge over to our design community and to the band’s 1.2 million plus fans to design a tour poster as original as the band’s Viking-inspired heavy metal prowess.

Short-lived yet mighty, this contest lasted less than a month but resulted in over 200,000 digital impressions and 161 twisted, tough, and memorable poster designs created. The band had a tough battle of options to choose from but finally crowned one victorious winner, Diego Flower.

Amon Amarth walked away with an already recognized piece of artwork to cement their tour in the minds of fans worldwide.


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