Freelancer Spotlight: Muhammad Alfi

Today’s Freelancer Spotlight is dedicated to Muhammad Alfi. He is a graphic designer and illustrator. Alfi currently resides in Malang city, Indonesia. He has been a part of the Creative Allies community for several years. Recently, he created the UNC Women’s soccer team new logos. 


We hope this interview will benefit and motivate those who want to be in the freelancer industry.

Creative Allies: Could you tell me a little bit more about how you got into freelancing?

Short story, the beginning of me being a freelancer was when I decided to leave the company’s advertising design/creative agency company. After I had finished my lecture studies in the field of visual communication design, I worked there for about two years, and then I decided to go out and choose to be a freelancer. Because I basically really like new things that I have never seen and done. It was from being a freelancing that I discovered these new things. Like getting acquainted with new people from various countries, new jobs that always challenge my skills as a graphic designer & illustrator and also can see various thoughts & perspectives of different people out there, which I have never found while working in a company. Being a freelancer allows me to  continue to develop my skills, knowledge, and insights in the world of design and illustration. This is a pleasant world, and of course,  since starting in freelancing, my financial income is increasing. Haha.


Creative Allies: How many years have you been in the freelance industry?

I have been working as a freelancer more or less, already running for about three years.


What is your favorite aspect of freelancing?

Science, skills and new works, and also the fact that I can chat and get acquainted with people who are also new. Everything is so pleasant.


Creative Allies: What do you think has been your biggest challenge or challenges?

The biggest challenge that I feel as a designer working in the freelance industry is the adaptation to the time difference of several clients in various other countries.


Creative Allies: Do you have any recommendations for people that want to be a freelancer, but they don’t know how to start?

Probably this could be the first step for friends out there who want to become freelancers, especially in the field of design & illustration. Start with the things you like first, work on one area that you like, such as design. Make a work from there, create a variety of products/works that can be useful and can make people happy with your work. Maybe, in the beginning, this step is very heavy and requires a hard struggle. But rest assured, all the work you create when you start as a freelancer, will be useful to someone someday.


Creative Allies: Name 3 things you would have done differently when starting to work as a freelancer.

Reading books, read articles online, make various sketches on blank paper to find new ideas and making a cup of coffee from a local farmer on here.


Creative Allies: What do you think the freelance industry is lacking in terms of information?

Information about the openness of ideas or works that are very easy to find in this internet age.


Creative Allies: What do you think your favorite project has been?

Illustration project or a product related to interactions between humans, animals & plants.


Creative Allies: What do you think is the first step people need to take to start?

“Love what you do and do what you is love”. Don’t worry about the condition of financial income at the beginning. Maybe, in the beginning, it will be hard. But rest assured, that’s part of the process. From this process, someday you will get what you want.


Creative Allies: How was your experience in working with Creative Allies? 

The people at Creative Allies are really professional, and everything is fun. It’s great to be able to talk & get to know them all.


Creative Allies: Where can people find you?

For now, I don’t have a social media account or website to showcase my work, because right now I’m focusing on building a design firm and my latest works, which I might put in the near future on my social media account when I make it later. At this time you might only be able to find and talk/interact with me at this email address:

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