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Most frequent general questions and answers.

Why Don’t We wants to do something special for their fans. In honor of the release of ‘What Am I’ they are asking fans to create original artwork that will be used for merchandise in their online store.


Please note that the contest will end on September 16. This is one day earlier and is a CHANGE. Make sure that your entries are in by this date – no exceptions.

Round 1 is complete and the winner will be announced September 6.

Round 2: 

The deadline to submit is September 16. Why Don’t We will select their top 5 favorites by September 18th. Voting takes place on the top 5 on September 19 and then a winner will be announced.

If these dates change, it will be updated here and on our social media.

Submit your original artwork in digital format. You can use your imagination on what to create as there aren’t too many restrictions. We do ask that you pay attention to the Style Guidelines on the contest page.

For the contest, please follow the guidelines in the Design Specifications on the contest page. If you are selected as a winner, you may be asked to resize it just a bit

You must have an account and be logged into our site before you can submit to the contest.
When you are signed in, you should see Join This Contest on the contest page, and that is how you submit. 
We’ve created a video to show you.

Your artwork should be inspired by the single ‘What Am I’. We are looking for you to be as creative as possible and want to see what fans come up with. 



Voting is allowed for this contest but not until specific dates.

There will be two rounds of voting, and details will be shared prior to voting starting.

Round 1 Voting: August 31-September 1.

Round 2 Voting: September 19 .

This contest is open to all fans, regardless of age or geographical location.

We want Why Don’t We fans all over the world, of any age, any gender to create artwork.

The winner will be notified by email. Once you are confirmed as a winner, you will have a direct contact person at Creative Allies to communicate with.

Winners MUST be able to send layered files to us for printing. This can include .eps, .psd files.

Your submission will be on the site around 24-48 hours after you submit, if it’s approved.

We will not approve artwork that is not suitable for merchandise.

We will not approve duplicate entries.

We will not approve entries that are too similar to another submitted entry from you.

After you create an account, you will get a confirmation email from us.

It may take up to 2 minutes for you to get this email.

The email may appear in your SPAM folder.

There is a known issue with people who have email addresses. This is not an issue on our side, but your email provider is blocking emails from our system which is stopping you from getting a confirmation email. You can contact us for the workaround.

If you need help, please send an email to and include your PROFILE NAME and we will check into it.

Updates will be posted here and on our social media. Please follow @creativeallies to stay updated.

We DO NOT have access to the band’s social media to make updates there.

People generally use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. However, you are free to use any app that allows you to create digital art.

Here is a blog we found that may help:

Please try your best to select something very unique. Since Why Don’t We has millions of fans worldwide, there is a chance you will choose a name that is already taken.

Our system is currently not sending an error message when this happens but we will check into it for you.

Try to choose a Profile Name that you don’t think anyone else will select.

For this contest, we are only accepting digital artwork. If you submit hand drawn art, we will likely not approve it for the site and it will not be eligible for winning.

This is not required. Right now, the band is looking for great art. Once the winners are selected, the file will be adjusted as need to fit the merchandise.

We may accept images from these sites (like Redbubble, CustomInk, etc). However we WILL NOT approve artwork that is a screen shot. We are looking to receive the actual art file, not a screenshot of a mockup.

Photographs are permitted, however, the band is looking for original artwork. To be approved, you must add something artistic to any photographs you include. Simply adding the band’s logo or song title to an already published photography may not be enough.

If you see anything that looks like stolen work please alert us immediately at We will remove from the site to investigate.

If it is proven that you are submitting someone else’s work, you may disqualified from the contest. Please respect other artists’ creations and do not submit them as your own.

For fans using publicly available art from the band, like their logo or song artwork, you may find that others have similar submissions. These will not be considered fraudulent, but know that the band is looking for original work.

We are working to remove any duplicates that you might see on the site. 

Because of the volume and multiple people on our team reviewing the work, some are being approved but we catch them later and remove them.

PS – In our backend, the designs are loaded by date so the duplicates are not necessarily in order. On the live site, they are loaded user name first, so duplicate submissions show up side by side and it’s easy to see them.

On the contest page, scroll to the bottom where it says See All Entries.

There are a lot of entries to sort through so you can search by your profile name to find yours.

Control + f (PC)

Command + f (mac)

All approved entries will be on the site within 48 hours. There are a lot of entries to sort through so you can search by your profile name.

Control + f (PC)

Command + f (mac)

There could be a few reasons why your entry is not approved and therefore not on the site:

  1. Your artwork doesn’t comply with the rules. Make sure you have the three required items included, otherwise we won’t approve it.
  2. Your artwork was removed after being previously approved. We may accidentally approve something and then realize it’s missing an element (like song name) so we then remove it.
  3. Your artwork is not digital. We will not accept hand drawn artwork for this contest. We also won’t accept pictures of physical product, like a t-shirt.
  4. You submitted a screenshot. We will only approve actual art files. If you used online design tool, merch mockup tool, or other, you need to export the file to submit. We will not accept screenshots of a design because that can’t be used for the band’s merchandise.
  5. You submitted multiple entries in one submission. We will only accept one design for each entry.
  6. You included copyrighted information in your work, such as other branded items (cereal). This can’t be accepted.
  7. We haven’t reviewed your artwork yet. The team working as fast as we can, but it’s taking time to get through all of the artwork.

No. We will only accept entries through our website. 

If you don’t find your answer here in the FAQs, you can email for help with this contest. Someone will usually respond back to you within 24 hours.

If you send your question through social media, these will not be prioritized. We will respond when we can but any questions to the will receive priority review and response.

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